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The Depths of Anima is an introspective look at Black girlhood and the transition into womanhood. It challenges Carl Jung's concept of "anima" by introducing an interpretation of the feminine-spirit living in all of us.  This poetry collection takes a look at our inner worlds as 'Anima' seeks to remind readers that your inner sanctum is worthy of protection and your place in the world is no accident. 




"Rooted in nature, heritage, and spirituality, Kai Adia's writing is a dynamic journey through time and space. This collection breathes life into memory, reflecting upon the deepest elements of our mind and imagination. This poet is summoning the literary ancestors with her words and we all are called to listen."

– Nia McAllister, Poet & Founder of the MoAD Lit Open Mic Night


"In The Depths of Anima, Kai Adia writes, “Look down my throat,/ you will see/ the space that lives between stars.” In a language full of tenderness and contemplative power, she traces the outlines of this space, exploring what it means to be a body connected to other bodies and to forces larger than the self. These poems move through city streets, cenotes, and outer space, finding communion in the eyes of the anemone and the tears of those who have come before. They navigate the edges of Black girlhood and insist on the beauty and power of a “darkness cultivated from this earth.” These are poems that seek, and in their honest seeking, guide."

– Brent Armendinger, Author of Street Gloss and The Ghost in Us Was Multiplying


"The Depths of Anima invites you to take a closer look at the often unexamined, walking you through the interior life of a young Black woman navigating a world not intended for her joy, but committed to the journey of claiming it. There is doubt, there is fear - there are warnings and reflections on what the two can birth. Many poems double as mirrors. Kai’s meditative prose strings together much of what goes unsaid, reminding readers of the power of speaking deep truths to yourself and others."

– Asha Grant, Founder of The Salt Eaters Bookshop


"Kai’s poetry shimmers with raw vulnerability and keen perspectives. She leans into truth-telling and draws you in to experience the world through her eyes. Luminous!"

– Keren Taylor, Executive Director of WriteGirl


"This book is jam packed with so many gorgeously textured images and feelings! It is AMAZING!! Walking to Hummingbirds and Who's Looking? drew tears. My fav line was in Safety Drills, Karmic Bonds, "Pull on the string until I am yanked back to the beginning/ I'll hear the Sound that started it all" Wow! The language was a powerful portal for me... Thank you Kai Adia for sharing your supremely Divine Feminine Anima with the cosmos!"

- Andrea LeClaire


The Depths of Anima

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  • US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm), Standard Black & White, 60# White, Paperback, Matte Cover

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