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What We Do

At                                  , we are passionate about bringing stories to life --- from ideation to a book you can hold in your hands! 

Creating a book is an investment. Through partnership publishing, we help writers and creators looking to self-publish navigate this process and maximize the reach of

your beloved book.

For Authors

Nationwide Distribution

As an independent publisher it is our pleasure to work closely with local and national bookstores to distribute the books we produce. If your local bookstore can order the latest New York Times bestseller, then they can order your book too! 

Brand Storytelling

We help creators establish legacy brands as we examine your story in order to help you make sense of the now and vision for the future. We help you deconstruct your journey and put it back together in an engaging brand story!

Editing & Proofreading

Whether you have a manuscript or draft, we can help you edit and proofread to perfection! We offer creative developmental editing and/or comprehensive editing through every stage of your project.

Copywriting & Proofreading

Need help clarifying your vision? We can help with copywriting for brand manifestos, websites, and also help you proofread to the highest quality!

Design & Formatting

We will help you determine the perfect size for your book and take the guesswork out of proper formatting for whatever book size you choose.

Additionally, we can help you design or find the perfect cover to wrap up your project!

Book Planning

Want to secure your thought leadership and amplify your brand? A book can be a wonderful place to connect with audiences and make your mark. We'll help you outline your book and cross the finish line of publishing your hardwork!

For Creatives & Brands

Work with us!

Become a                                   affiliate. 

Email us for more details.

Find Our Books

Our publications can be found at the following stores

— contact directly to find out current stock.

The Salt Eaters Bookshop

The Last Bookstore

Reparations Club

Eso Won Books

Barnes & Noble

Book Soup**

*Find our books at a local indie bookshop near you with and


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