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Future Splendor Sounds

Our anthology, Future Splendor: Celebrating a New Renaissance, is designed to be a sensory experience. The written word is layered with sound from our curated playlist of Jazz, Afrobeats, Hip Hop, and Alternative R&B. Music is a companion to the themes weaved throughout the four sections of the collection: Vessels of Memory, Today’s Been So Surreal, Folded Worlds & Great Experiments, and Star Vision, Eyes on Tomorrow. 

 Listen to selections from Future Splendor and vibe to the Future Splendor Sounds   playlist below! 

GP 2055 by Russell Nichols (1)

Russell Nichols

A reading of "Garden Project 2055" by Russell Nichols, a nomadic speculative fiction writer and journalist.

Featured in Vessels of Memory


Mia S. Willis

A reading of "My Black Boy, Outer Space" by Mia S. Willis,  a Black performance poet from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Featured in Folded Worlds & Great Experiments


Jacqueline Rose

A reading of "You are the WE" by Jacqueline Rose, a Los Angeles-based poet currently in attendance as a Bachelor’s Program Liberal Arts major, emphasizing in Creative Writing. 

Featured in Star Vision, Eyes on Tomorrow

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