Bee Infinite Publishing is a women-owned, Los Angeles-based independent publisher. We’re committed to amplifying the voices and stories of people of color, especially Black and Indigenous voices. Our books honor the infinite artistry of our collective community through the creative lens of compelling storytelling.

As a Black-women owned and operated space, we hold an Afrofuturist perspective at the core of our business. We want to support those who are moving us in new directions with their insightful ruminations, impactful actions, and creative ways of healing.

Bee Infinite Publishing is founded by author, Kai Adia, and educator and consultant, Angela Benson. 

Our Mission is to be an equitable, conscious publishing house. Why wait for validation, we ask? With books and art in our minds, we wanted to redefine access to publishing. If we felt like this then we knew other creators must feel the same way. We want to put creative ownership back into the hands of those who dream of fantastical new worlds, who think in verse, and who draw when holding a pen. 


Why are we called ‘Bee’ Infinite? 

Bees are communal creatures, vital to the pollination process. They are some of the most powerful creators and collaborators on the planet, sharing an infinite and sweet final product with the world.


Like bees and pollination, knowledge and information are vital to our way of life. Artists and creators make the world go round and we need their voices. Through writers of diverse backgrounds and identities, we can create new, equitable worlds and ways of being. Books and other literary works are the safe havens for thought and creation!

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About Us

We’re a little earthly, we’re a little cosmic.

At Bee Infinite Publishing, we create poetry, prose, graphic novels, and other forms of honey. 

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