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The Bee Grateful Journal is the simplest way to start a gratitude practice! Using the power and magic of the seasons, the Bee Grateful Journal focuses your attention on your ability to create beneficial habits, practice gratitude, and manifest the life you desire. The symbolic meaning of the four seasons is often overlooked and extremely powerful; each season has the ability to change our mood, our lives and perspectives. Tapping into their vibrancy allows us to intentionally express a higher sense of ourselves, and cultivating gratitude is a wonderful way to harness this energy and move through life with the confidence to accomplish your goals and, of course, express a deeper appreciation for your life.


This encouraging journal experience is filled with activities that’ll help you notice the changes of the seasons and yourself. Throughout the week, reflect on what you’re grateful for and what your goals are for the season you find yourself in. This journal is intended for anyone looking to enhance their mindfulness practices and tap into nature in a fun and easy way.




"I absolutely love the journal concept. Amazing, thoughtfully and beautifully written and presented. So very inspiring and I can see the spirit and energy put in to this work."

- Prof. Elaine Parker-Gills, Ed.D of Antioch University Los Angeles


"I think it's great! Very straightforward and easy to follow, which is naturally great for a guided journal." 

- Jazzi McGilbert, Founder of Reparations Club


"This journal is so beautifully thought out! I've never been consistent about journaling. Even though many sources have told me it's really helpful. I have always started, stopped, picked up later, put down the journal and repeat. But, the way the questions are presented in this journal makes me want to answer. I am excited to start my journey into the Bee Infinite Journal."

- Dr. Kerrie Pratt, D.C.


“The Bee Grateful Journal is a brilliant tool for keeping a positive mindset and grateful heart. The journal guides the reader to set intentions, establish seasonal goals, create individual rituals, and ask thought provoking questions that ultimately improve the perspective and assist in achieving goals. What a gift!” 

- Delia Douglas Haight, Owner of Vibrancy Agency


"It's a vision board in a journal, it comes with illustrations that pertain to your goal and the season. I love the look, feel and calmness of this journal."

- Isaiah S.



Bee Grateful Journal

  • US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm), Standard Color, 60# White, Paperback, Matte Cover

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